Environmental responsibility is
everybody’s business.

Ocean Gate Construction is committed to our environment and its preservation. We believe that taking care of the earth is everyone’s responsibility . . . and more than that, it’s good business.

We proactively manage environmental issues at the forefront of every project we undertake with our extensive pre-construction services. Ocean Gate incorporates environmental stewardship into our construction methods and procedures, and we make it part of everyone’s responsibility. By taking a proactive approach to our ecosystem, we are better able to address environmental issues in the construction process that are vital to the planning and execution of “green construction.”

Ocean Gate’s commitment to earth-friendly practices extends from our offices to each job site, and includes:

  • Recycling steel, wood and concrete at job site locations and utilizing recycled materials.
  • Specifying earth-friendly products whenever possible.
  • Making alternate power options available, such as solar power, to reduce electric bills and generate power without producing harmful waste.
  • Using water-saving plumbing fixtures in construction applications.
  • Recycling paper and plastic in our offices, and using non-disposable dishware.
  • Using recycled paper in our offices, while developing a paperless policy.
  • Evaluating green building options for our clients.

Ocean Gate has established a Think Green campaign that takes our earth friendly practices throughout our business and beyond. One example of this outreach is our work with the Young Friends of the Florida Oceanographic Society, to sponsor and participate in the clean-up of a native island habitat.

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